.Gary Damron

Gary Damron

Raised in an environment where rock music was forbidden and movies were frowned upon was a driving force behind Gary having to secretly teach himself to play guitar.  Perhaps this was a catalyst, because his determination to conquer his passion no matter the consequences fueled him.

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Gary was a self-taught musician by the age of thirteen and sixteen when he played in his first band. He has played in a variety of projects including rock and progressive rock, progressive jazz, classical, blues and rockabilly.  Later, with the initial goal to play cello in the Cleveland Orchestra, he attended music school to study theory and composition until he was approached by a playwright to compose acoustic pieces for stage.

Gary moved to Los Angeles where he continued to focus on developing his own sound while working within the early stages of Oxygen Media Network Library and as a multi-instrumentalist releasing CD’s independently with an Australian record label.  From there he had the opportunity to spend a few years in Portland where he taught guitar, bass, drums, and scored a variety of projects from feature films to television commercials, some of which also included sound design and sound re-recording.

After returning home to Los Angeles, Gary continues to work as a film composer, sound engineer, sound designer and editor and has independently released his own CD’s “Paragon” and “Hurry Up And Wait” highlighting his award-winning original instrumental music, some of which is still circulating on CD Baby, I-Tunes, Amazon, and many others.

Throughout this time Gary has worked hard on establishing his unique writing style that combines a blend of textures from gentle soundscapes to rocky rhythms, intricate time signatures, with strong melodies and explosive guitar techniques. 

This band is the product of a musical vision he’s had for many years.

Welcome to Magellans Ghost.


Terry Watkin

Musicians Institute Hollywood California P.I.T. Graduate.
 Terry logged many hours drumming for the 3 piece power trio Zephyr, Zabitha and Atomic Fly in the 90's & 2000's. Opening act for shows with April Wine, Dokken, Fight w/Rob Halford, Great White, Winger, and Styx.
 Terry also spent a decade in the studio scene, teching for some of L.A.'s A list sessions players Toss Panos, Joel Taylor, and Michael Landau. As well as working with world renowned producers, engineers, and artists like Eddie
Kramer, Adam Kasper and Faith Hill.
 Terry now owns Perks Place Recording Studio in Westlake Village, California. Starting his 7 th year at this professional facility, he has worked with awide range of artists, and recorded some great drummers like Gregg Bissonette, Dave Lombardo, Joey Castillo, and Arejay Hale.
 Terry does a ton of session drumming, and recorded the bass and drums for the Magellans Ghost record at the studio.
 For more info, recording credits, check out the studio web page at perksplacewestpro.com.